Top 10 ways Electec delivers value throughout your building lifecycle

1. Reducing installation time

  • Ultralx premium armoured cables arrive on site ready to install.
  • On site connections are plug‐in – requiring no tools, no stripping, no terminations.
2. Supporting FastTracking
  • Plug‐and‐play connections accelerate project completion in time sensitive installations.
3. Protecting your investment
  • Armoured cables deliver the mechanical protection of pipe with the flexibility to reuse and relocate.
4. Ensuring Builtin Quality
  • All Electec components are 100% tested to rigorous standards prior to shipment.
  • ‘Wire to terminal’ connections are integrally moulded to prevent separation due to mechanical vibrations.
5. Simplifying maintenance and redos of wire and cable plant
  • Intuitive plug‐and‐play connections provide a swift solution for flex‐
6. Decreasing costly downtime
  • Plug‐and‐play connections allow for immediate and cost‐effective moves, adds, changes and removals.
7. Developing fully reusable and relocatable wiring
  • Plug‐and‐play connections deliver safe and intuitive reusability and relocatability.
8. Lowering cost of ownership
  • Electec Building Wiring Systems adapt to changing demands; maximizing the life span of your building wiring.
9. Protecting valuable equipment from corrosive cable jacket compounds
  • Low‐smoke, zero‐halogen systems from Electec provide protection of life and equipment in the event of a fire compared to conventional wire and cable products.
10. Eliminating troublesome abandoned voice/data cabling
  • EZ‐Cabling® establishes an environmentally‐responsible cabling infrastructure which results in decreased landfill waste, more reuseable connections and no costly and unsafe abandoned cable to remove.