Manufactured Wiring System (MWS)

Electec MWSSmart-Connect® is the original integrally moulded thermoplastic modular wiring system from Electec. Designed for lighting and branch wiring installations up to 600V 20A.

Single and Multi-Circuit products up to 9 wires satisfy a variety of applications encountered in new buildings, retrofits and maintenance situations.

Devices provide system integration with other manufacturer’s equipment such as light fixtures, furniture cable systems or custom assemblies. Cabling mating connectors are integrally moulded to ULTRALX® premium armoured metal-clad cable.

  • Versatile – Designed for use in ceilings, under floor, walls and systems furniture
  • Cost-Effective – Reduces installation time by up to 30%
  • Safe – Systems up to 347V suitable for interrupting current; make or break under load
  • Flexible – Easily reconfigurable to handle churn and changing requirements
  • Proven – Currently installed in a large number of commercial, institutional and industril spaces.

“100-Series” Lighting System Components

FIThe Fixture Interceptor (FI) is a thermoplastic combination male/female device with power in to fixture and a power out receptacle. Designed to be factory (flush mount) installed in light fixtures, the FI provides leads for quick connection.

Quantity required = number of fixtures in the system

SCSThe Starter Cable Set (SCS) is the power supply connection for each lighting circuit from a standard outlet box. Power supply end has a moulded thermoplastic, right angle female connector for low profile connection to FI or Switch Tap. Armour is removed at opposite end to provide tails for easy field termination.

Quantity required = number of lighting circuits

JCSThe Joiner Cable Set (JCS) provides interconnections between light fixtures or Switch Taps. Moulded thermoplastic right angle connectors provide secure, low profile connections.

Quantity required = sum of fixtures and Switch Taps

SWIThe Switch Tap (SWI) provides for switched areas with circuits connected to each Starter Cable Set.

Quantity required = one for each switch

SWCSThe Switch Cable Set (SWCS) provides connection to a wall switch or relay to control lighting. The moulded thermoplastic male connector mates with the switch outlet on the Switch Tap and the opposite end is prepared for easy field termination.

Quantity required = one for each switch

Multi-Conductor Components

9WSmart-Connect components are also available in uniquely-keyed Multi-Conductor families suitable for furniture systems and other multi-circuit applications.

Integrally moulded cable sets and thermoplastic plugs and receptacles accommodate a wide variety of building wire applications.

Configurations up to 9 wires and rated up to 347/600V 20A


Using Smart-Connect components, Electec manufactures a variety of assemblies designed to suit customer and project requirements.

6/10 packs B10HGw56