Reusable and Relocatable Modular Wiring Eco-Friendly and Halogen-Free The Next Generation in Wiring Systems®

Delivering Value

Modular wiring systems from ELECTEC deliver value at every stage of your building’s life cycle. Our systems are industry proven with hundreds of installations across North America.

Environmentally-Responsible Building Wiring

ELECTEC represents the environmentally-responsible approach to building wiring and cabling. Eco-friendly products, constructed with low-smoke zero-halogen materials designed for cost-effective reusability and relocation.

Features and Benefits:

  • ELECTEC EZ-Wiring® components are UL Listed to be in compliance with UL 183 – Manufactured Wiring Systems (QQVX) and CSA Certified to be in compliance with CSA 22.2 No. 203-1- Manufactured Wiring Systems.
  • Constructed using ULTRALX® MC/AC90* cable (300lbs Tension), minimum 12AWG stranded conductors rated 600V 20A.
  • Available with SJOW Cord where acceptable.
  • Robust terminal design exceeds 470Amp for 4 seconds.
  • Eco-Friendly, Low Smoke, V0 rated, RoHS-compliant materials. Dielectric Withstand 3000Vac.
  • Connectors are integrally moulded (fully encapsulated) utilizing high impact Halogen-free polymers for superior strength, reliability and safety.
  • Mating connectors are self-latching and shrouded for added protection.
  • Uniquely-keyed and colour-coded to clearly indicate ratings and provide safe, simple, error-free connectivity.
  • Only connectors having identical colours can plug together properly.
  • Approved “Ballast Disconnect Means” per NEC 410.73(g) and CEC Part 1 30-308(4).
  • Suitable for use in environmental air handling spaces (plenums) per NEC 300-22(c) and CEC Part 1 12-010(3)
  • Acceptable for interrupting current (make or break) under full load.
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