Core benefits of selecting an Electec building wiring system include:

Delivering value throughout your building lifecycle

Whether you are planning, constructing, renovating or disassembling, Electec develops solutions that deliver value at every stage of your building lifecycle.

Below are the top ten ways Electec delivers ongoing value:

  1. Reducing installation time
  2. Supporting fast-tracking
  3. Protecting your investment
  4. Ensuring built-in quality
  5. Simplifying maintenance and re-dos of wire and cable plant
  6. Decreasing costly downtime
  7. Developing fully reusable and relocatable wiring
  8. Lowering cost of ownership
  9. Protecting valuable equipment from corrosion
  10. Eliminating troublesome abandoned voice/data cable

Environmentally-Responsible Approach

Electec is an undisputed leader in bringing low-smoke, zero-halogen wire and cable materials to the forefront in North America. Unsatisfied with conventional wire and cable specifications, Electec sources low-smoke, non-halogenated materials to construct their next-generation modular wiring systems.

Learn how to earn LEED points by using halogen-free Electec modular wiring systems.

All materials used in the construction of Electec products are lead-free RoHS-compliant. Raw material suppliers are asked to complete a Product Content Declaration form to ensure compliance. Electec RoHS Statement

A core concept behind Electec modular wiring systems is reusability. Plug-and-play components enable fast, safe and cost-effective alterations of cable and equipment resulting in less landfill waste, less employee downtime and lower costs associated with moves, adds and changes.

Electec has recently launched the EZ-Recycle program to facilitate the safe recycling of our modular products.


Electec’s patented modular wiring systems ensure consistent, high quality and reliable connections throughout your building wiring and cabling plant.

  • Integrally moulded connectors are self-latching and shrouded for enhanced safety and protection.
  • Systems are uniquely keyed and colour-coded to provide intuitive and error-free connectivity.
  • Robust terminals deliver excellent electrical performance.
  • Electec modular wiring systems are constructed using premium Ultralx® MC/AC-90 cable and are rated up to 600V 20A.

Electec modular wiring systems are:

  • Tested to UL 183 (QQVX) and CSA 22.2 No 203.1 standards for Manufactured Wiring Systems
  • Acceptable for use in environmental air-handling spaces in accordance with NEC 300-22(c) and CEC Part 1 12-010(3)
  • Approved for luminaire disconnect per NEC 410-73(g) and CEC Part 1 30-308(4)
  • Manufactured with RoHS-compliant, lead-free, low-smoke halogen-free materials.
  • Certified cCSAus for use in Canada and the United States.


Electec is equipped with two decades of experience developing and manufacturing integrally-moulded modular wiring systems. Our products are industry-proven and constructed with uncompromising quality, on time and on budget.

All Electec components are 100% tested to strict quality and safety criteria prior to shipment.