Green Wire and Cable

Recognized by as environmentally-preferable GreenSpec Listed building products, Electec’s next-generation modular wiring systems are designed and constructed with eco-friendly principles in mind.

GreenSpec Listed

Product Design

Electec modular wiring systems (MWS) are designed for re-use and relocatability in mind. Uniquely keyed plug-and-play connectors ensure safe, reliable and user-friendly moves, adds, changes and removals.

Our wiring systems reduce landfill waste generated by scrap wire and cable removed from buildings during tenant changeovers and retrofits.

Job-site waste is also effectively eliminated through the use of our pre-fabricated designs.

Material Selection

Electec modular wiring system components are constructed with RoHS-compliant, eco-friendly, halogen free materials.

Electec asks its raw materials suppliers to complete a Product Content Declaration form which documents the environmental data necessary to ensure compliance with Electec’s Hazardous Substances (RoHS) policy. Electec RoHS Statement

Wherever possible, Electec incorporates low-smoke, zero-halogen cable into the construction of our end-products, setting a new standard for others to follow.

The US Green Building Council recently issued LEED Pilot Credit 2 which allows organizations to earn LEED credits for the use of non-halogenated building wiring and cable jacketing.

EZ-Recycle Program

Modular Electec product found on a job site deemed redundant can be returned to Electec for recycling instead of ending up at a landfill site. Contact Electec for details.

It is our strong belief that when a customer chooses a modular wiring system over traditional wiring methods, they have chosen a technique which encourages the re-use of wire and cable. We are simply doing our part to ensure this occurs.

In addition to less material at landfills, this program also results in fewer greenhouse gases produced by manufacturing product which otherwise could be refurbished.

Using recycled product may be given consideration under LEED programs. Please consult your local LEED program for more information.

Canadian Green Building Council
US Green Building Council